Friday, February 10, 2012


Winter landscapes are unique and beautiful in their own way.  They show things that are only seen in the winter. The rocks which are covered in the summer standout in contrast to the ground. The skeletons of the bushes have a beauty all their own; there is simplicity to the landscape that is not there in the warmer months.

The same can be said about knitting.  There is the simplicity in a plain knit stitch that  becomes a blanket to warm a loved one.  There is beauty in a simple shawl that is knit with a variegated hand dyed yarn. The yarn brings the shawl to life, just as the spring will bring life to the skeletons of the bushes.  Appreciate the yarn in the hank, it is beautiful by itself, just like the winter landscape.  It will bloom as you knit it into a beautiful object.

Knitting centers you, it can be done any where and at almost any time. Some may look at you funny when you are knitting, but they don't know the peace and joy that comes with this simple act.

Knitting can only bring joy to the person it is done for.  We may wish we had never started a project, but it is funny how we keep on and complete it, finding that in the end it was worth it.  This is not to say there are not some things that need to be tinked, and this may in it self bring joy, knowing that the yarn will go to another project.

Knitting helps us get through not only the winter months, but those times of stress or hardship in our lives.

I simply ask that anyone who reads this will pray for my brother, Chip, the Leukemia has come back and he is back on Chemo.  Thank you