Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Winter Is Still Here

This is the scene out my back door. I think it is beautiful, of course I like the cold and snow. If we can't have green and flowers, the snow makes everything look pretty

Scene Out My Backdoor

The 70 degree weather was nice, but we all knew it couldn't last. The birds are singing outside and the sun is bright. I am also sneezing, which means spring is surely on its way.

I have finally gotten my sewing room together, with the beautiful new daybed and the cherry floors. I know it looks a little messy,but then I am using it.

My daybed

My sewing Room

My wonderful husband helped put the daybed together and of course he did the painting and the floor. I love it and hope to spend many hours there. The bed is so comfortable, I want to sleep when I sit on it. That doesn't help me get much work done.

I am starting now to prepare for my cruise with my best friend Louise, we are going on the Disney Dream in September, I can't wait.

Our group in Mt. Airy are going on a field trip to Fiber Space in Alexandria VA tomorrow, can't wait for that either.

With Darby retiring at the end of December, the only thing that will not change is Wednesday knitting. The snow this winter has kept him home, telecommuting so I am getting a taste of what it will be like to have him home all the time. I hope we can do some things, especially travel.

That is about all there is to catch you up on. Enjoy the snow, while you can. Remember this nice cool weather when we have 90 to 100 degree days this summer.