Tuesday, June 1, 2010

What Others Think

I was reading the post from a blog that one of my Ravelery friends referred to. It was sad because the blog was about a women who's son was in intensive care for a severe drug overdose and assualt, the child eventually died. What struck me was when she told about being worried what other people would think and if this would affect the care her son received. It did not affect the care he received just because he was a drug addict. He was treated with care and compassion. In the ICU there was no judgement, just caring.

I like many people am always concerned about what other people think, I think I worry to much about it. I believe it is the nature of most women to think this way. But why? I think if you talk to most men they would not be so concerned about what other people think, at least not in the sense we women do. I am making a confession here when I say,that when ever I go out, I need to make sure my hair is done, my makeup looks good and my clothes are flattering. I am not saying this because I am conceited, but because I worry about what others think. I try never to judge others and hope they don't judge me, but I irrationally feel I am being judged.

Why has our society come to this, judging others by what they wear and how they look (are they slim and pretty), who they know, how much they make. We need to get away from this type of thinking. I believe sometimes the only way to do this is to stop watching television and stop reading most of the things we read now a days.

It just struck me when I read about this woman and how she was concerned about the care her son would receive because he was drug addict. This judging of everyone and everything has permeated our social conscience way to much. Our social conscience needs to be caring for others and helping others.

We need to take care of ourselves and do the best we can and if possible not worry about what other people think. The only person you should worry about what they think is God. God loves us just the way we are, he accepts our flaws, so we should to. The more concerned we become about what other people think the less time we have to truly help others and make a difference. Read Matthew 6:25-34,it is the way we all should act and feel.

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