Sunday, June 26, 2011

Knoxville Where Do I Start

I recently visited my friend Louise in Knoxville, TN, she is there for her job with State Farm. I was greeted at the airport with this beautiful miniature of the Great Smokey Mountains.
Airport Greeting
What a wonderful way to begin my trip.

Louise is there because of severe Hail storms they had, but this is a sign I have never seen before. They are giving anywhere from $10,000. to $13,000 off on cars.
Hail Sale
My first day there we visited MeMaws Thimble a wonderful quilt shop with the most wonderful and beautiful fabrics. Louise and I did some damage to our check books there.
Mammaws Thimble.

On Saturday we drove to downtown and saw the Golden Globe which is what is left from the Worlds Fair exhibition. We ran into a storm so our pictures are not so great. We could use the rain up here.
Worlds Fair

Our Saturday night was spent on a river boat sailing the Tennesse River and having dinner.
The Star of Knoxville

Our Dinner Cruise Boat

Here is our reservation and dinner.
Our Invitation
Our Dinner

Here are some of the sights we saw, the one is just the boat house, the house is behind it on the hill.
The boat house

Some of the views

On Sunday we drove to Nashville, TN and on the way discovered this art camp.
Art camp
Art exhibite
This piece was called Quantum Confusion How Many Worlds. It was very striking and made you think.

These are some of the art pieces that were for sale, some of them were amazing.
Glass Bowl

Red Firns

We finally pulled into the Opry Land Hotel complex, this place is amazing and everything is housed under a huge glass roof. We walked around through each section and had lunch. We also took a boat ride around the Delta section. The surroundings are breathtaking. There are waterfalls everywhere and the most amazing flowers you have ever seen.
Water Falls


French Quarter

My final day there we visited The Knitters Nest, the perfect yarn shop, plenty of room, an area with sofas to sit and knit, and the friendliest people.
Yarn BAlls

At the airport you are greeted by this darling sculpture, a fitting good bye to a wonderful weekend with a wonderful friend.

Momma and Baby

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Louise said...

Yes, we did have a great weekend. And just think, there is more to come on our cruise in September.