Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Sun

The sun is farthest away from us in the winter time, which is why it is suppose to be so cold.  Global warming I hate you. I like the sun in the winter time. it lights our bare landscape with a brightness you don't find in Summer.  The sun coming through the  bay window is cheerful and begs me to come sit for a while and read.

The reflections and shadows of winter are lacy because of the bareness of the branches.  They remind me of so many of the shawls I knit and make me want to knit another lace shawl or finish one I have started.

This same sun is a Summer sun in the Southern Hemisphere which is enjoying the flowers and leaves, and balmy breezes of summer.  It 's reflections are different and call for a laziness rather than a warm comfort.

The sun's partner, the moon, also shines on a different landscape in the winter.  When it snows and we are lucky enough to have a full moon the reflection off the snow is breathtaking.  With the morning, the ice and snow covered branches reflect a startling and beautiful brilliance, not found at any other time of the year.  Summer may have its' rainbows, but I will take a sun filled winter day any time of the year.

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