Sunday, November 3, 2013

Two Posts in One Week Oh My

As my husband and I were driving to church on Saturday I saw a Facebook post that said, if you could write a note to your younger self, what would you say in only two words?  That got me to thinking, and I couldn't come up with just two words. During Mass the priest talked about Zachaeus a wealthy  man who cheated people, this man was so small in stature he could not see Jesus for the crowd.  Zachaeus climbed a tree so he could see when this man Jesus walked by. As Jesus came to the spot where Zachaeus was in the tree He looked up and told Zachaeus to come down from the tree, because he, Jesus, was coming to Zachaeus' house for dinner.  When the crowd heard this there were murmurs asking why would Jesus visit the home of a sinner. They were judging Zachaeus and Jesus.  Jesus saw past what Zachaeus was and saw who he could become.

The priest told us we needed to see beyond  rules and laws, to see the person and what they could be if we only cared.  Strip away everything  and see a person as a child of God.  It is said God does not make mistakes and this is true, all we need to do is see each other as God sees us.  The final words to his homily were let people know "you're loved".  Those were the two words I would write to myself.

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