Sunday, April 6, 2014

Time Goes on

What a winter this has been, I hope it is over for good since we are well into Spring and it is almost Easter.  We are settling in to our house nicely.  Although the walls are still white we have pretty much put up all the pictures and decorated like we want.  We still do not have a yard, but it has been to wet to do anything.  I have ventured out into the yard once or twice and sunk to my ankles in mud.
We will be getting a patio poured and I can't wait for that.  Our house is North/South facing with the North in the back, so it will be partially shaded during most of the day.

I have many plans for shrubs and flowers.  Of course I want Hydrangeas and a Butterfly bush.  We are also getting a shed which will be centered along the back of the lot.  I think we are going to plant Crepe Myrtle and Lilacs along the back.

My Studio is still a work in progress and one day it will be exactly like I want it. The sewing machine and serger have a perfect place, but it is the material, yarn and everything else that I keep moving around.

I would like to buy two nice bookshelves for the sitting room and make it kind of like a library, but it has been a bit of a hard sell to Darby, we shall see.

Our children are happy and busy with their lives and Darby and I are loving retirement.  Enjoy these flowers and Bluebirds.

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