Saturday, January 3, 2009

The New Year and All Its Possibilities

It is already the 3rd of January 2009, how time flys when you are having fun. Our house is getting back to normal. I purchased the Expedite bookshelf from Ikea for my sewing room. It looks nice in the store, but I will never buy one again. It took my husband and I, more my husband than me 5 hours to put it together. The pegs seemed to big and they would break through the veneer. I know a lot of people love this case and have it, but never again.

I am looking over my projects in progress and deciding what to work on next. I want to make the Otterwise Shawl in Anj's yarn so you can see how beautiful it knits up. I will be starting that soon. I hope it snows this winter, I like one or two good snows. But of course I just like the cold.

I am really excited, we are getting a new kitchen, really just new cabinets, with an added pennisula and granit counter tops. I can't wait!!! There is one down side though, I will be without a kitchen for a while , and eating out gets tiring after a while. I guess we will have to go to my mom and dads for supper.

Well I need to get back to arranging my bookshelves, so this is all for know.

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