Thursday, January 22, 2009

Waiting On The Phone

I am sitting in my lovely living room, with the sun streaming in, waiting on the phone for Capital One to answer. I have at this point been holding for at least a half an hour. This is ridiculous especially since they have my money and can't find it. I have been working on the shawl in Hydrangea and have it almost done. I am also working on my elegant cowl/hood. I will get them done. I have picked up the pink sweater and am working on the right front. I really should finish it, it will be nice for spring. I finally got to talk to a person and they still could not tell me where my money is. I don't know which is worse getting lost in the mail or lost in cyberspace. Such is life. I guess I need to get up from here and do some work. I will get some knitting in today.

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