Friday, September 11, 2009

Today in History

I remember vividly that morning. I was watching the Today show and saw it happen. My neighbor came over and we couldn't believe it. I tried in vane to get in touch with Darby and couldn't. When I finally went upstairs to get dressed and turned on the TV I was in for a bigger shock. They were reporting on NY and the local station switch to the Pentagon, I knew it was the Pentagon before they even said anything. Darby had worked there for years and still had meetings there on occasion. Since I couldn't get in touch with him I really panicked. This was before we all had cell phones. He could have been at the Pentagon. I did finally get in touch with him and we tried to figure out how to get him home, the metro was not running. When they finally reopened metro he got home.

I will never forget the feelings of that day. I sat on my porch waiting for my daughter to get home from school. It was eerily quiet. No planes were in the air. We are over the flight path for Frederick Airport, so this really was eerie.

It changed our lives. We all got cell phones after that. We all felt a little closer to each other. It didn't bring us back to church because we always went to church, but I would say church was a little fuller after that.

Will we ever not remember I don't think so. I think this will be with us for the rest of our lives. Let us not forget to tell those who were to young to remember so it is never forgotten.

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