Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Mid Month Ramblings

The wedding is almost here, and we are glad. It will be a wonderful day, but at this point we just want it over. DH and I are going to Williamsburg, VA the Tuesday after, with DH sister and her husband. We are really looking forward to this.

My Tropical Tee is done, but a little big. I have to figure out how to pull it in. I have some ideas. I am now knitting on a shawl in Blue Sky Alpace, it is so yummy. I am also going to do the Shalimar Early Fall KAL. I am doing my favorite shawl in Missy, in the colorway Billowy.

Our daughter is just waiting to hear that the first mortgage bank has signed off on her offer for the house in Germantown, hopefully she will be a homeowner in the next week or two. Of course that means, painting, putting up fans, replacine flooring, etc. She is excited but I am sure a little scared. The house is really beautiful, it has a porch and flower garden in the front. I am sure we will helping build a deck next spring.

I am looking forward to the weather cooling down. I don't like hot weather!!

Well I am sure you won't hear from me until after the wedding, so tata for know.

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