Saturday, March 13, 2010

Reflections On The Trees

I am sitting in my sun room, parlor, office, I still don't know what to call it. It is pouring down rain and overcast. I am looking at the trees, bare of any flowers or leaves. There is still beauty in them, their bones are showing, they reach to the sky. I don't know why but they are beautiful to me in this form, rather than in full bloom. Perhaps this is because you see what they really are, you see their true beauty and not just their finery and "makeup".There is still life to them, they have green moss growing up their trunks, and the birds sit like beautiful ornaments on their branches.

I am trying very hard to stay strong in my belief in Gods infinite wisdom and power. Things for my brother do not look good. University of Maryland doctors have said all his tests look great, but because he is not producing any blood a bone marrow transplant is not possible. They have referred him to NIH to a world renown doctor who deals with this type of problem. God answers prayers, but not always the way we want. We do not have the whole picture like God does. What ever the answer is it is right for everyone involved. My prayer then is for God to help us accept his answers even if they are painful. Please pray for my brother and his healing.

I hope for Spring and all its colors and finery. God shows us how beautiful life is in all seasons.

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