Thursday, August 5, 2010

Ah August Where Is September!

I am tired of this heat and humidity, I want cooler weather. Of course there are those of you out there who would tell me we can't all get what we want.

I had a wonderful trip Tuesday to Delaware with my good friend Louise. We picked up her new company van, but that wasn't the fun part. We went to the most wonderful yarn shop in Newark, Delaware. It had every imaginable yarn you could think of, it had wonderful samples for you to look at, and it had plenty of sofas, chairs and tables for you to sit and knit at or look through books. The owner was wonderful and even let Louise take pictures for her blog, Adventures of A Geritol Gypsy.

I am slowly going through my stash and putting yarns together. I am also working on about 4 projects at once. I am making a wonderful cardigan for my Mom for Christmas and just ordered the yarn. I am also knitting a hood for my daughter for this winter and got the most wonderful yarn from Webs.

August is busy so I hope it goes fast.
This picture is of the last full moon.

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