Sunday, July 25, 2010

Are :You My Mother

These are the newest babies on our porch. I gave up on the ferns, but can't get rid of this one until the little ones fly away. This little bird looking up at me reminded me of the book "Are You My Mother".

It poured rain this afternoon and has cooled things down ever so slightly. Of course the weather men are saying we are going to get a break in the weather, highs only in the 90 to 92 range, in what universe is that a break. Hot is hot.

I am moving along on my knitting, I took a break from the Buttercup top and the Alpaca sweater to knit up some preemie hats. I am doing the mystery KAL from Shalimar yarns, the yarn is beautiful, can't wait to get the pattern clues.

We are getting five more new windows, which will take care of the back of the house, hurrah!!! November we will get the last five, I can't wait. They are so pretty, with their Prairie style grids.

I am reading the first in the Outlander series and I am really enjoying it. I was quite surprised when I was reading that one of the characters names is Letitia, just like my middle name, even spelled the same.

Well stay cool until we meet again.

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