Monday, May 28, 2012

I can't believe it has been since February that I have posted.  I guess my life has been busier then I thought.  I just finished watching Alice in Wonderland (The Johnny Depp version) and the Cheshire Cat has always been my favorite character.  This version in a little more sinister than the Disney version.  Perhaps closer to the original story, Alice is a women of independence and adventure.

My knitting has been going along great and I have completed quite a few shawls. I am now knitting on my "epic" Camelot Coat a work in progress.  It may be done by the winter.  I love the Shalimar Yarn I am using, the  color is rich and since it is bulky knitting up fast. The picture doesn't do justice to the colors, they are deep blues, purples, and navies.

The Pipers Journey I just finished is beautiful, but the Wolles Color Changing Yarn is not for me.  This shawl is easy and the knitted on edging is beautiful.

Now that summer is here, I will spend more time indoors. Heat I can take, humidity I can't.  Hopefully the summer will have some nice days.

My sewing and crafting room is done and I love it.  Keeping it organized I hope will be easy, I just have to keep my husband from putting everything he finds and thinks is mine in that room.

My spinning wheel is calling and I am saving up for a Woolee Winder.  I have some beautiful lavender alpaca that I want to spin.

The Cheshire Cat always had a that knowing look, an adventure around every corner, if you just let yourself follow your heart.  I want to be more like the Cheshire Cat.

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