Friday, June 29, 2012

Summer Is Here

Summer is here in full blown heat and humidity, I don't like this.  I would say hate, but that is such a strong word.  It is predicted to be 100 degrees today and only a few degree's cooler the next couple of days.

I can't believe that July is just around the corner, what happened to June.  I always look forward to July; there is the 4th to celebrate with fireworks, my wedding anniversary is the 14th (33 years to the most wonderful man on earth), and then my birthday on the 22nd.  I only hope that July will be like June and have some wonderful cool days.  One can only hope.

My Camelot coat is coming along, but slowly.  I am going to start either a Saroyan or the Color Affection shawl. Knowing me, it will be both.

My knitting group, the Mt Airy Knitters, is the most wonderful group of ladies anyone could ever know.  We are a diverse group which is what makes us work so well together. The best thing I ever did was find and join this group.

I am sewing and knitting to keep my mind off my asthma, which is kicking my but.  I have never had a cough like this before, it is keeping me from sleeping and I am afraid I may break a rib from coughing.  I am not a candidate for Predinose and so I just have to put up with it.  Our local hospital is so busy it takes hours to see a doctor, my doctors office is also booked.  This has been quite a summer for all of us.

Until there is more news, stay cool and keep knitting.

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