Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Enjoying An Early Spring Day

My countertops are finally going in. YEA!!!!!! I am sitting in the living room watching the birds and enjoying the day, eventhough it is cloudy. I am slowly working on my shawl, the mitten for my dad, which I think I am going to frog and start over, it is a little big. I am also doing some sewing. I bought three different denims yesterday and I am going to make some skirts. Would you believe this denim says machine wash and line dry.

We are very busy right now, with DD birthday coming up, DS and his fiance moving and getting the kitchen painted and a new floor put in. The kitchen is going to be beautiful, but it is a little nerve wracking.

The birds sing in the morning are my alarm clock, although they want to get up earlier then I like. It is nice to sleep with the windows open once again. I also hear the train at night, which is comforting.

I guess that is all for now. Everybody have a blessed day.

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