Thursday, June 11, 2009

Beautiful North Carolina

We are in Boiling Springs, NC the home of Gardner Web University for the wedding of our daughters best friend Kacey. It is beautiful here and the weather is not real hot, and of course it has rained. The town got its name because there was/is a spring that bubble up making it look like it was boiling. It doesn't do much now a days. The campus is beautiful.

I love coming to the south, people are so friendly here and very helpful. The pace is slower here, which is better than the rat race most of us live in.

I am sure the wedding will be beautiful and the couple are made for each other.

This is nice little vacation for Darby and I. We have a Suite with a whirlpool tube right in the room and a fireplace. There pool is very nice also, maybe we will go swimming tomorrow.

Guess that is about it.

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