Saturday, July 4, 2009

Thank God and Ford

As some of you may or may not know Darby and I were in a serious accident on June20, 2009. As you see from the picture our car was totalled. We escaped with minor injuries, I have broken collarbone and contusions and Darby has some bad contusions. We were hit head on and spun around and then hit by two more cars. God was with us that day and our Ford Taurus did the rest. I was stuck in the car and the fire department had to pry the door off to get me out. All in all we are very lucky.

Something like this makes you think. We have the pain and the fatigue but we are alive. We will never drive the same way again. The guy that hit us was leaning down to get his sunglasses and came over the center line. We all do things like this, but not any more.

Since our car was totalled we had to get a new one. A Ford Taurus of course. The new one has Sync, which syncs my phone with the speaker system. No more driving while holding the phone.

I can't do much knitting, I am so right handed it is ridiculous, I am totally helpless. I am able to half dress myself now but it is still difficult. I miss seeing every one and of course I can't drive for a while, so I am at the mercy of my darling husband and daughter.

I love my husband dearly and appreciate all he is doing, especially since he doesn't fell 100% yet.
This makes you think and appreciate your life.

God was with us that day and is with us everyday, I thank Him everyday for saving our lives.

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