Sunday, December 12, 2010

This Is Christmas

This picture of Santa represents my Christmas's as a child. Something about him just brings my childhood memories back. He is an old fashion Santa, which is how I remember my Christmas's. I have been thinking lately about my Christmas's as a child, it is hard to put into words that special feeling. We always had two trees, one in the living room, which had the fancy and special balls on it; and one in the basement rec room, which was our tree, it had the homemade paper chains and the big lights on it. The creche was set up in a prominent place, because without Jesus there would be no Christmas.

I want to write about my childhood someday, but I have to figure out how to get those feelings into words.

My husband called me this past Saturday, he and our daughter were out shopping for me and I was desperately trying to find lights for the tree. They had seen a group of three woman in their late 20's and a women with them in here late 50's, leaving a store with their Christmas shopping getting into a Limo, he thought it was ridiculous, I thought it was the best idea I have ever seen. Relaxing in the back of the Limo while the driver fought traffic.

Our house is finally decorated and I am beginning my baking. I have wrapped everything and feel very relaxed. All that nagging paid off, getting the lists from everyone early.

Remember, Jesus is the reason for the season, without him we wouldn't have Christmas. Merry Christmas!!!!

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