Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year

What a start for the New Year a cold. I have to recommend Zicam quick dissolve tablets, even though it seemed like forever, my cold has only lasted about three days.

But on to happier things. Our Christmas was wonderful and even New Years Eve dinner was good, with family and friends.

I am very excited I am going to the Mannings in PA to buy a spinning wheel, hoorah.

I purchased an Ashford Traveller and love it. I just got it put together today (January 6, 2011) and can't wait to get started. It was suggested that I sit in the evening and while watching television treadle, so I get used to it. Music is also a good way to get the rhythm, Tom at the Mannings, suggested Celtic music which I love. I am thinking spinning will be fun and I should pick up the rhythm rather quickly since I have a musical background.

This is the year I plan to do a couple of knitting things. I plan to finish those projects I really want and Frog the rest. I also want to try socks. If I like it fine, if not at least I tried.

God has blessed us with many things and I want to make sure each day this year I make sure to remember that and thank God for everything I have.

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