Friday, April 1, 2011

Is This An April Fools Joke

It is April 1, I remember as a child many an April 1st going down to the creek and looking for tadpoles. It was warm and spring was here. Where has spring gone. These industrial countries, including ours, is ruining our environment and our seasons. I long for warm weather, not hot just warm. I want to see flowers and hear lawn mowers. Ah well we can dream

I am still working on my Buttercup top, it is taking forever, I don't think I will ever knit a top in sock yarn again. I may try a pair of socks they should be quick and I can say I finished something.

I am getting very excited about my cruise in September, and anxious to make up some pretty dresses to wear. I have finally, I think. learned the ins and outs of my pattern software. I am going to try a plain material and embroider some motifs on it. This will mean I need to buy extra material in case of mistakes.

Here is to warmer weather, is there a dance we can do.

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Louise said...

Spring is here, just having a fit right now. I can hardly wait for the cruise as well