Monday, February 23, 2009

Winter Musings

It was beautiful today, bright and sunny, but also very cold just like I like it. The birds are at the feeder and I must get some more squirrel food. I have been doing some driving around the county and find winter to be beautiful. The trees though bare are beautiful in their graceful way. The birches show off their white bark beautifully and there is color in many of the other trees and their bark. The cardinals stand out with their bright red in the trees. We have quite a few of them.

The trees though bear are showing some signs of life and the hope of spring to come. That means I better get my pink cardigan done so I can wear it when the weather gets warmer.

I have been listening to quite a few podcasts and find the ones from England and Australia quite interesting. A different perspective on our world is good.

Never say never and keep on knitting.

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